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[Video|Trans] KBS Entertainment Relay: CNBLUE and FNC Family Photoshoot 11.24.2012

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Narration: CNBLUE lived busy life in year 2012 more than anyone.
Who worked very active parts as singers and actors, let’s join four men’s cheerful chat.
The place we met CNBLLUE was the studio where their management company family were shooting photo.
Not only FTisland, but also Song Eunee, Park Gwanghyun, we could see CNBLUE’s hidden human relationship.
Yonghwa: Long time no see, dear Entertainment Relay viewers. Long time no see.

Narration: The photo shoot continued till late at night, but the mood was good.
The oldest among singers, Mr. Jung Yonghwa.
Yonghwa: AOA! You’re not greeting me?! You all come and greet!

Narration: Wow what a charisma.
Yonghwa: I’m kidding. Can I take a look at it? How will I look in Entertainment Relay screen~
[You're Beautiful]

Narration: Yes, you look good.
Over the Korea, to the world star. Recently CNBLUE finished Japan tour successfully. Now Japan is hot with CNBLUE’s popularity.
Reporter: I heard the response in Japan was tremendous.
Jungshin: Yes, it was more than our expectation.
Yonghwa: Not that much. Just 100,000 people.
Jungshin: Why are you doing this?

Reporter: It wasn’t that big, just 100,000 people. Great.
Yonghwa: I wanted to say like this.

Reporter: You four members are all great.
Yonghwa: We are. Yes.
[admit immediately]
Jonghyun: Sometimes I think so.

Reporter: When you look at each other, when do you think you guys are good looking?
Yonghwa: I don’t feel when I see each other personally. But sometimes I do when I see the stage we four performed together.
Jonghyun: Sometimes I think we look OK.
Yonghwa: Sometimes I think we look good.

Reporter: I see only perfection on you. Do you have any weak point?
Jungshin: We have one weak point.
Yonghwa: A weak point?
Jungshin: We have.
Yonghwa: We have too many.
Jonghyun: What should I say first?
Jungshin: First of all, we can’t dance.
[CNBLUE's weak point. Dance]
Minhyuk: It will terminate us.
Yonghwa: It terminates CNBLUE.
[If they dance, it's the end(?) of CNBLUE]

Narration: This year CNBLUE’s activity, we can’t talk without their acting. From singer to actor, CNBLUE landed well.
With their stable acting, they hardened their position as ‘acting idol’.
So we had time to watch their acting together.
[CNBLUE are watching members' acting together]
Yonghwa: Here comes it, here comes it.

Narration: Maybe they feet awkward with themselves in the monitor, they kept laughing, teasing each other and having fun.
[They feel awkward with their acting...]
Yonghwa: Heol Daebak! He’s so handsome!!!

Reporter: Who is it?
Yonghwa: It’s Shinwoo.

Narration: Yes, Shinwoo. It’s Jung Yonghwa.
Shinwoo: She’s my girl. I couldn’t say till now, she’s my girl.
Shin Hyunjoon: That line is a lot at my dram too. She’s my girl.
Yonghwa: I will promise you~ (OST)
Minhyuk: “If you’re here, I cannot wash” (immitates Shinwoo)

Narration: The youngest Minhyuk’s parody made Yonghwa’s face stiff.
Shinwoo: If you’re here, I cannot wash.
[The famous scene which made actor Jung Yonghwa popular]
Jungshin: “Get out quickly. If you’re here, I cannot wash~”
[Members' burning will of acting toward Yonghwa]
[Uncomfortable mind]
Jonghyun: “Will I get out?”
[Q: Whose acting is the best?]
Yonghwa: I think it’s Jungshin.
Jungshin: Why are you doing this?
Minhyuk: I think it’s Jungshin too.
Jungshin: It’s up to the situation. Minhyuk is good at daily life acting, Yonghwa hyung is good at expressing emotion, Jonghyun hyung is good at acting with his body.
Yonghwa: Such as hands, feet close-up scene. One Two Three!
[Jonghyun's showing off feet acting]
[Delicate feet acting]

Narration: Especially, Song Eunee who had expressed her ideal type was Minhyuk, kept capturing Minhyuk in her camera.
[Song Euni taking photo of Minhyuk]
Song Euni: There’s a halo around Minhyuk’s head.
Narration: Isn’t it just lighting which made it invisible?
Song Euni: Can’t you see the halo? You’re bad. Only angels can have this halo.
[Song Euni really fell into Minhyuk]
Narration: Euni noona’s love toward Minhyuk is endless.
She left the approval shot in KBS camera, lastly she even did it for Minhyuk who were into cars recently.
Manager: Minhyuk is interested in cars a lot these days.
Song Eunee: Now that car is yours. Minhyuk you got it? Noona’s car is your car.
[Eunee's car = Minhyuk's car]
Minhyuk: Really?
Song Eunee: Of course.
Manager: The color is pretty. It’s light green.
Minhyuk: Uh really? Mint color?
Song Eunee: On the day your dorm moves, I will bring it there.
Reporter: I’d like to know your come back plan in Korea.
Yonghwa: Things which I can’t satisfy is being found again and again, so I am postponing again and again.
As soon as possible, with album whoever can satisfy, with the best quality, I want to come back.
[He is working hard for the perfection of album]
[CNBLUE have concert on December]

Narration: Their voice melt emotion, they have powerful stage manner, skilled band CNBLUE.
CNBLUE: We were CNBLUE! Thank you.

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