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[Issue] Lee Min Ho Tries Not to Care about the Age Difference Between Him and His Partners

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Lee Min Ho opened up on how he gets over the age difference between him and his female counterparts.

In a recent interview with the lifestyle magazine @star1, Lee Min Ho said he tries "not to feel awkward despite the age differences."

The actor has, luckily(?), mostly been paired with women who were older than him for most of his pieces, including Boys Over Flowers, Personal Taste and Faith.

Because he still manages to go so well with his older partners, he′s managed to get himself the nickname ′God of Chemistry′ by his fans.

Lee Min Ho said, "At first, I didn′t know what God of Chemistry was supposed to mean. I try to feel comfortable around my partner. Although she may be older than me, I call her by the name of her role or tease her. I try to talk with her about acting when we first start off."

More about Lee Min Ho′s acting techniques can be found in the upcoming December issue of @star1.

Photo credit: @star1

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