Senin, 26 November 2012

[Concerts / Events] Dal Shabet successfully completes first overseas showcase in Indonesia

Girl group Dal Shabet have successfully completed their first showcase in Indonesia, launching their entrance into the Indonesian music market with new single “Have, Don’t Have“.
The showcase was held in Jakarta’s Ritz Carlton Hotel on November 24th, making it their first showcase overseas. The event attracted 2,000 fans from throughout Indonesia.
The girls performed their debut single “Supa Dupa Diva” and continued with other hits “Bling Bling“, “Mr. Bang Bang“, and concluded with “Have, Don’t Have”. In addition, the group provided photo opportunities to fans and held an autographing event.
Their time in Indonesia overlapped with member Woohee‘s birthday; Darlings celebrated the event with a surprise party onstage, making Woohee shed tears of joy.
As this was their first official event overseas, Dal Shabet was met right at the airport by fans and cameras. The girls also completed several interviews for the Indonesian media, keeping up their busy schedule. Their agency plans on furthering their work overseas.
An insider with their management explained, We didn’t expect too much with Dal Shabet’s first overseas promotions, but many people came to the showcase, and we are so thankful for the strong support. The members have been inspired to work even harder, and their management has had positive reactions from the great turnout.
In related news, Dal Shabet will be returning to Korea on November 26th and continuing promotions for “Have, Don’t Have”.

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