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[K-pop] B.A.P Releases 2013 Calendar

2012-11-19 14:05  l   CJ E&M enewsWorld Stewart Ho

The new year is fast approaching and what better way for B.A.P fans to usher in 2013 with their very own B.A.P calendars?

B.A.P revealed the cover of its upcoming calendar package, ‘Hello 2013’ via the group’s official fan café on November 16.

Shedding their stage outfits, the B.A.P members opt for a casual yet classy look with their knitted vests, white shirts, jackets and ties.

The calendar will come with a total of 28 pages and comes pre-filled with the B.A.P members’ birthdays and other important B.A.P-related dates. The calendar also comes with 120 pages to use as a planner, and also includes photos of B.A.P to make every B.A.P fan feel like they spent all of 2013 together with B.A.P.

B.A.P will mark its one year anniversary come January of 2013.

Photo Credit: TS Entertainment

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