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[Music] CNBLUE’s PV for new Japanese single “Robot” revealed

CNBLUE is gearing up for the release of a new single in Japan next month, and ahead of its official release, the PV has been aired!
Their new single, “Robot“, is scheduled for release on December 19th and will be available in multiple versions.
There will be a CD-only edition, CD+DVD edition, as well as a special CD version for Warner Music, giving fans plenty of options to choose from.
The single will include “Robot” as well as coupling tracks like “Starlit Night” and “Ring”. The DVD version will also include bonus footage for their past hits as well as those for “Robot”.

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[Eye Candy Internet TV / Movies] AOA shows support for Seolhyun and her drama ‘My Daughter Seoyoung’

AOA showed their support for Seolhyun‘s drama ‘My Daughter Seoyoung‘.
The girls tweeted, “Ba-dump, ba-dump @ We’re watching ‘My Daughter Seoyoung’.. hehe♥ Seolhyun, fighting! Everyone, watch it at the regular time ♡♡” and uploaded two photos of the girls gathered around a laptop, presumably watching the drama.
Seolhyun also tweeted, “Hi it’s Seolhyun! I’m working hard on the script ^_____^ hehe I’ll be even better from now on, so please look forward to it!!!!” and shared a cute snapshot of herself with the script, which showed the hardwork she’s been putting in with the various markings and notes.

[Internet] Ranking of ’2012 Female Rookie vocalists’ gains attention

A netizen ranking of the Female Rookie vocalists has gained much attention.
36 of the female rookies that debuted this year were listed in terms of their vocal ability, from 0 to 100.
The top ranking of 1-4 were taken by Ailee, 15&‘s Park Ji Min, Gavy NJ‘s Gunji, and Son Seung Yeon.
The next group from 5-8 are made up of Lee Hi, SPICAKim Boa, AOA‘s ChoA, and Gavy NJ’s Jenny.
The next four are Hello VenusAra, Baek Ah Yeon, Juniel, and 15&’s Baek Ye Rim, and they conclude the top tier of the female rookie vocalists.
The bottom four consisted of GangkizSomin, AOA‘s Seolhyun, Hello VenusNara, and 84LY‘s Minyoung.
Do you agree with this ranking?

[LOL / WTF TV / Movies] Girls’ Generation’s Tae Yeon sends a funny message to Shinhwa’s Jun Jin

Girls’ Generation’s Tae Yeon sent a hilarious message to Shinhwa‘s Jun Jin.
During the most recent episode of ‘Shinhwa Broadcast’, member Shin Hye Sung revealed the different talents of each member. Jun Jin’s special talent was introduced as the ability to fart a lot.
Kim Dong Wan stated, “When Girls’ Generation sent their album to us, Tae Yeon wrote ‘[Jun] Jin oppa I’m an avid viewer of ‘Shinhwa Broadcast’. I can see you’re working hard. Even while farting’.
Jun Jin calmy replied with, “Did you really receive an album like that?” causing the rest of the members to laugh.

Eunhyuk wishes Sungmin would stop appearing on variety shows?

Super Junior‘s Eunhyuk jokingly insulted Sungmin.
On November 26th, Shindong, Eunhyuk, and Sungmin were guests on KBS 2TV‘s ‘Hello‘ for the 100th episode special. On the show, Sungmin confessed, “Lately I’ve been worried about appearing on variety shows. I worry because I suck at them.
The MCs advised, “Ask your bandmates (for advice)“, to which Sungmin replied, “They don’t teach me. They’re all busy with their own things“. To this, Eunhyuk cut in and jokingly shared, “I wish he couldn’t come out on variety shows“, making everyone on the set burst into laughter.

[Concerts / Events] Ailee confirmed as the opening act for the ’2012 MAMA’

Ailee has been given the honor of opening the ‘2012 MAMA‘ ceremony on November 30th.
According to broadcast officials, Ailee has agreed to attend the live ceremony and is currently preparing what will be an amazing opening stage in secrecy. As one of two rookies that have made the biggest impact this year, Ailee did phenomenally on the charts with “Heaven” and followed up with “I’ll Show You” in the second half of the year.
As for male performances, the MAMA will see artists like Psy, Big Bang, Super Junior and more, along with confirmed attendances by HyunA and SISTAR in the girl group category. As the biggest solo hit of the year, many are anticipating what Ailee has up her sleeves.

[Music] KARA to release ‘KARA Solo Collection’ album in Korea

After previously releasing their solo collection album this past September in Japan, it has been announced that KARA will now be releasing their ‘KARA Solo Collection‘ in Korea.
KARA will release their solo tracks off their ‘Solo Collection’ album along with music videos for each song starting on the 28th and 30th. Nicole and Hara‘s tracks will be released on the 28th, followed by Gyuri, Seungyeon, and Jiyoung‘s tracks that will be released on the 30th.
DSP Media revealed that the members worked hard to express their individual colors by taking part in writing the lyrics for their individual songs as well as directing its music videos.
The full Regular Edition and the Limited Edition of the ‘KARA Solo Collection’ album will be released on December 4th.

[TV / Movies] AOA’s Seolhyun gains attention with her acting skills on ‘My Daughter Seoyoung’

AOA‘s Seolhyun is earning praise for her ability to portray her character.
Seolhyun currently plays an acting teacher for CNBLUE‘s Jungshin on the drama ‘My Daughter Seoyoung‘, and has been gaining much interest for playing a difficult role. Her role requires her to act out a character who acts well (the irony).
Viewers commented, “I was surprised by her acting skills since she is a rookie“, “She got completely into her role“, and “I’m watching this show for her character“.
Hearing this, Seolhyun responded, “I’m so happy that I was able to make an acting debut with a charming character like Seo Eun Soo in ‘My Daughter Seoyoung’. It’s my first time acting, but I’m working hard to be good. Even on site, everyone encourages me and tells me I’m doing well, so I work even harder. I want to show people that I’m improving even more.

[Concerts / Events General] 2AM’s Changmin and Jinwoon’s fan clubs donate more than 1 ton of rice to charity

2AM‘s Changmin and Jinwoon‘s fan clubs recently congratulated them on their recent ‘The Way of Love‘ concert held in Seoul’s Olympic Hall by gifting them with rice totaling over 1 ton.
Changmin’s Korean fan club gifted him with a 550 kg (~1213 lbs.) rice wreath while Jinwoon’s fan club donated 520 kg (~1146 lbs.) rice wreath to add up to about 1,070 kg of rice that could potentially feed up to 8,500 children. It has been revealed that the rice will be donated to the charity organizations chosen by Changmin and Jinwoon.
In related news, 2AM recently successfully concluded their ‘The Way of Love’ concert in front of over 3,000 fans.

[General] SM☆SH’s Hyunjoon revealed to have continued with promotions despite suffering injury from car accident

Fans have unfortunately discovered that SM☆SH‘s leader Hyunjoon has been soldiering through album promotions while hiding an injury.
According to his agency, Hyunjoon suffered a car accident while walking home from rehearsal last month due to a car that did not abide by traffic rules. Although he made it home that night without any injuries, a hospital visit the next day showed that surgery was necessary as he had torn a ligament.
Hyunjoon, however, did not want to delay their music video filming and album promotions and decided to take painkillers in place of treatment, and has been doing so up until now.
At a fan signing on the 25th, he had said, “I’m sorry for worrying so many of our fans. I’ve been getting physical therapy at the hospital every chance I get when we don’t have schedules so please don’t worry about me.”
A representative of his agency added, “The hospital had said that he needed two months to recover so we were thinking of delaying their comeback to next year, but Hyunjoon was adamant about continuing on as it was their first album in four years.”
The group is currently promoting their second mini-album, “I Will Protect You“, and is scheduled for a nationwide Japanese tour next month.

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[Video|Trans] KBS Entertainment Relay: CNBLUE and FNC Family Photoshoot 11.24.2012

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Narration: CNBLUE lived busy life in year 2012 more than anyone.
Who worked very active parts as singers and actors, let’s join four men’s cheerful chat.
The place we met CNBLLUE was the studio where their management company family were shooting photo.
Not only FTisland, but also Song Eunee, Park Gwanghyun, we could see CNBLUE’s hidden human relationship.
Yonghwa: Long time no see, dear Entertainment Relay viewers. Long time no see.

Narration: The photo shoot continued till late at night, but the mood was good.
The oldest among singers, Mr. Jung Yonghwa.
Yonghwa: AOA! You’re not greeting me?! You all come and greet!

Narration: Wow what a charisma.
Yonghwa: I’m kidding. Can I take a look at it? How will I look in Entertainment Relay screen~
[You're Beautiful]

Narration: Yes, you look good.
Over the Korea, to the world star. Recently CNBLUE finished Japan tour successfully. Now Japan is hot with CNBLUE’s popularity.
Reporter: I heard the response in Japan was tremendous.
Jungshin: Yes, it was more than our expectation.
Yonghwa: Not that much. Just 100,000 people.
Jungshin: Why are you doing this?

Reporter: It wasn’t that big, just 100,000 people. Great.
Yonghwa: I wanted to say like this.

Reporter: You four members are all great.
Yonghwa: We are. Yes.
[admit immediately]
Jonghyun: Sometimes I think so.

Reporter: When you look at each other, when do you think you guys are good looking?
Yonghwa: I don’t feel when I see each other personally. But sometimes I do when I see the stage we four performed together.
Jonghyun: Sometimes I think we look OK.
Yonghwa: Sometimes I think we look good.

Reporter: I see only perfection on you. Do you have any weak point?
Jungshin: We have one weak point.
Yonghwa: A weak point?
Jungshin: We have.
Yonghwa: We have too many.
Jonghyun: What should I say first?
Jungshin: First of all, we can’t dance.
[CNBLUE's weak point. Dance]
Minhyuk: It will terminate us.
Yonghwa: It terminates CNBLUE.
[If they dance, it's the end(?) of CNBLUE]

Narration: This year CNBLUE’s activity, we can’t talk without their acting. From singer to actor, CNBLUE landed well.
With their stable acting, they hardened their position as ‘acting idol’.
So we had time to watch their acting together.
[CNBLUE are watching members' acting together]
Yonghwa: Here comes it, here comes it.

Narration: Maybe they feet awkward with themselves in the monitor, they kept laughing, teasing each other and having fun.
[They feel awkward with their acting...]
Yonghwa: Heol Daebak! He’s so handsome!!!

Reporter: Who is it?
Yonghwa: It’s Shinwoo.

Narration: Yes, Shinwoo. It’s Jung Yonghwa.
Shinwoo: She’s my girl. I couldn’t say till now, she’s my girl.
Shin Hyunjoon: That line is a lot at my dram too. She’s my girl.
Yonghwa: I will promise you~ (OST)
Minhyuk: “If you’re here, I cannot wash” (immitates Shinwoo)

Narration: The youngest Minhyuk’s parody made Yonghwa’s face stiff.
Shinwoo: If you’re here, I cannot wash.
[The famous scene which made actor Jung Yonghwa popular]
Jungshin: “Get out quickly. If you’re here, I cannot wash~”
[Members' burning will of acting toward Yonghwa]
[Uncomfortable mind]
Jonghyun: “Will I get out?”
[Q: Whose acting is the best?]
Yonghwa: I think it’s Jungshin.
Jungshin: Why are you doing this?
Minhyuk: I think it’s Jungshin too.
Jungshin: It’s up to the situation. Minhyuk is good at daily life acting, Yonghwa hyung is good at expressing emotion, Jonghyun hyung is good at acting with his body.
Yonghwa: Such as hands, feet close-up scene. One Two Three!
[Jonghyun's showing off feet acting]
[Delicate feet acting]

Narration: Especially, Song Eunee who had expressed her ideal type was Minhyuk, kept capturing Minhyuk in her camera.
[Song Euni taking photo of Minhyuk]
Song Euni: There’s a halo around Minhyuk’s head.
Narration: Isn’t it just lighting which made it invisible?
Song Euni: Can’t you see the halo? You’re bad. Only angels can have this halo.
[Song Euni really fell into Minhyuk]
Narration: Euni noona’s love toward Minhyuk is endless.
She left the approval shot in KBS camera, lastly she even did it for Minhyuk who were into cars recently.
Manager: Minhyuk is interested in cars a lot these days.
Song Eunee: Now that car is yours. Minhyuk you got it? Noona’s car is your car.
[Eunee's car = Minhyuk's car]
Minhyuk: Really?
Song Eunee: Of course.
Manager: The color is pretty. It’s light green.
Minhyuk: Uh really? Mint color?
Song Eunee: On the day your dorm moves, I will bring it there.
Reporter: I’d like to know your come back plan in Korea.
Yonghwa: Things which I can’t satisfy is being found again and again, so I am postponing again and again.
As soon as possible, with album whoever can satisfy, with the best quality, I want to come back.
[He is working hard for the perfection of album]
[CNBLUE have concert on December]

Narration: Their voice melt emotion, they have powerful stage manner, skilled band CNBLUE.
CNBLUE: We were CNBLUE! Thank you.

[News] So E Hyun took CNBLUE’s Jung Yonghwa and Kim Hyung Jun’s First Kisses?

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Do we have another idol killer in our hands?
On November 20, So E Hyun appeared on SBS’Strong Heart reveal that she roamed around in public, kissing idol stars.
“I took the first kisses of idol stars,” said the actress, I filmed a kiss scene with CN Blue’s Jung Yong Hwa for Heartstrings. At that time, Jung Yong Hwa said he practiced for this kiss scene with his teddy bear, since it was his first kiss.” 
Everyone in the studio scowled, since Jung Yong Hwa was probably lying.
Boom said, “It was probably his first kiss in Seoul.”
So E Hyun went onto share her experience working with Kim Hyung Jun as well. “We had to film it in the middle of Apgujeong, and Kim Hyung Jun told me that it was his first kiss too.”
Perhaps he was cold from the winter wind or too nervous about his first kiss, but So E Hyun explained that Kim Hyung Jun kept kissing her right above her lips.
“He kept closing his eyes before and ended up kissing everywhere except my lips.”
Implying Jung Yong Hwa and Kim Hyung Jun were lying about their first kisses, MC Shin Dong Yeop slipped out, “Those little punks,” making the studio roar in laughter.
Lee Dong Wook then advised idol actors to always keep their eyes open when doing kiss scenes.

Photo credit: KBS

[Trans] CNBLUE ★ Mobile「QnA」11.19.2012

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Question : When I came back in Korea, I need to do this!」Do you have this kind of thing in mind?

JungShin: Going to Jeju island.
JongHyun: Study Korean language!
YongHwa: Eat delicious food.
MinHyuk: Eat delicious food.

Question: In a one-year event what’s the 1st you look forward to (・・)?

JungShin: Since then its Christmas. Now its LIVE!
JongHyun: LIVE
YongHwa: LIVE
MinHyuk: LIVE

Question:When you had your major debut have you ever felt any changes in yourselves?

JungShin: I feel like I want to make/compose(a song)
JongHyun: Not forgetting the basic and make an effort not to change.
YongHwa: The feeling is always the same.
MinHyuk: I think my way of thinking change a bit.

Question: Time you do that you like the most, what is it?

JungShin: LIVE!
JongHyun: When we’re having LIVE (performance)
YongHwa: On top of the stage
MinHyuk: Regardless how busy it is, the most important is to enjoy that moment.
Source: artist-site.jp

[Concerts / Events] Dal Shabet successfully completes first overseas showcase in Indonesia

Girl group Dal Shabet have successfully completed their first showcase in Indonesia, launching their entrance into the Indonesian music market with new single “Have, Don’t Have“.
The showcase was held in Jakarta’s Ritz Carlton Hotel on November 24th, making it their first showcase overseas. The event attracted 2,000 fans from throughout Indonesia.
The girls performed their debut single “Supa Dupa Diva” and continued with other hits “Bling Bling“, “Mr. Bang Bang“, and concluded with “Have, Don’t Have”. In addition, the group provided photo opportunities to fans and held an autographing event.
Their time in Indonesia overlapped with member Woohee‘s birthday; Darlings celebrated the event with a surprise party onstage, making Woohee shed tears of joy.
As this was their first official event overseas, Dal Shabet was met right at the airport by fans and cameras. The girls also completed several interviews for the Indonesian media, keeping up their busy schedule. Their agency plans on furthering their work overseas.
An insider with their management explained, We didn’t expect too much with Dal Shabet’s first overseas promotions, but many people came to the showcase, and we are so thankful for the strong support. The members have been inspired to work even harder, and their management has had positive reactions from the great turnout.
In related news, Dal Shabet will be returning to Korea on November 26th and continuing promotions for “Have, Don’t Have”.

Hoax Acc Twitter Artis Kpop

source : kkarinaz.blogspot.com


2PM Jaebum/2PM 재범 http://twitter.com/jayparkaom
2PM Lee Jun Ho/2PM 이준호 http://twitter.com/2PMLeeJunho
2PM Taecyeon/2PM 택연 http://twitter.com/OkTaec1227
BIG BANG Daesung/빅뱅 대성 http://twitter.com/kang_dae_sung

BIG BANG G-Dragon/빅뱅 지드래곤

BIG BANG Seungri/빅뱅 승리 http://twitter.com/officialseungri

BIG BANG Taeyang/빅뱅 태양

BIG BANG TOP/빅뱅 탑 http://twitter.com/officialtop

CNBLUE Jeong Yong Hywa/CNBLUE 정용화 http://twitter.com/jyonghwa89

CNBLUE Lee Jong Hyun/CNBLUE 이종현 http://twitter.com/Jong_Hyun

CNBLUE Lee Jung Shin/CNBLUE 이정신 http://twitter.com/itsjungshin
DBSK Hero Jae Joong/동방신기 영웅재중 http://twitter.com/HeroJaejoong

DBSK Xiah Junsu/동방신기 준수 http://twitter.com/soccersu
FT Island Choi Jong Hun/FT아이랜드 최종훈

FT Island Lee Hong Ki/FT아이랜드 이홍기 http://twitter.com/lhonggi
FT Island Lee Jae Jin/FT아이랜드 이재진 http://twitter.com/jaejin63
FT Island Oh Won Bin/FT아이랜드 오원빈 http://twitter.com/FT_Binnie
Jung Yong Hwa/정용화 http://twitter.com/Jung_YongHwa

Kang Min Hyuk/강민혁 http://twitter.com/Min_Hyuk

MBLAQ Lee Joon/엠브랙 이준

MBLAQ Thunder/엠브랙 천둥

SS501 Heo Young Saeng/SS501 허영생 http://twitter.com/SSYoungSaeng

SS501 Kim Hyun Joong/SS501 김현중

SS501 Kim Hyung Joon/SS501 김형준 http://twitter.com/SSHyungJoon

SS501 Kim Kyu Jong/SS501 김규종 http://twitter.com/SSKyuJong

SS501 Park Jung Min/SS501 박정민 http://twitter.com/SSJungMin
SUPER JUNIOR/슈퍼주니어 http://twitter.com/SMsuperjunior

SUPER JUNIOR Choi Si Won/슈퍼주니어 최시원

SUPER JUNIOR Dong Hae/슈퍼주니어 동해

SUPER JUNIOR Eun Hyuk/슈퍼주니어 은혁

SUPER JUNIOR Han Kyung/슈퍼주니어 한경 http://twitter.com/han_geng

SUPER JUNIOR Hee Chul/슈퍼주니어 희철 http://twitter.com/kheechul

SUPER JUNIOR Kang In/슈퍼주니어 강인 http://twitter.com/Kanginappa

SUPER JUNIOR Ki Bum/슈퍼주니어 기범 http://twitter.com/ki_bum21

SUPER JUNIOR Kyu Hyun/슈퍼주니어 규현

SUPER JUNIOR Lee Teuk/슈퍼주니어 이특 http://twitter.com/leeteuk

SUPER JUNIOR Ryeo Wook/슈퍼주니어 려욱 http://twitter.com/ryeowookie

SUPER JUNIOR Sung Min/슈퍼주니어 성민 http://twitter.com/sungminni

NB : itu adalah account HOAX yg aku temukan tapi aku sendiri belum mengecek satu per satu dan ACC HOAX yang lainnya nanti yah,.menyusul

[Concerts / Events] SMTOWN successfully completes first concert at Singapore’s ‘The Float at Marina Bay’

With its impressive start in LA, then its continuation in Tokyo, Taipei, and Seoul, the ‘SMTOWN Live World Tour III‘ recently ended successfully in its next location: Singapore.
The extravagant concert took place on November 23rd at Singapore’s ‘The Float at Marina Bay‘, making it SMTOWN’s first official concert in Singapore. 26,000 fans flocked to the scene to show the artists their support with their LED signs and glow sticks, despite the inclement weather that persisted right until the beginning of the concert.

As usual, the concert consisted of a parade of SM Entertainment artists’ hits, as well as performances from several collaborations between groups, and units Super Junior-M and Girls’ Generation‘s Taetiseo. The 4-hour concert, which included 51 performances that involved moving cars and other eye-catching acts, stealing the hearts of fans and driving the excited audience crazy.

Super Junior members also displayed their ‘Singlish’ abilities, making the audience laugh, and the other artists prepared their greetings in English to create better communication with fans. TVXQ revealed their performance for their follow-up song “Humanoids“.
‘SMTOWN Live World Tour III’ will be continuing on November 25th in Thailand, so stay tuned for more exciting news!

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Biodata dan Nama Fans Member SNSD .. ♥

         ♣Nama Fans & Biodata Member SNSD   
        Snsd (So Nyeo Shi Dae) atau biasa disebut Girl's Generation adalah GirlBand asal Korea Selatan , Girlband ini Adalah inspirasi dari para Girlband di Indonesia .. Saya sih gk tau Girlband Indonesia itu plagiat atau tidak .. Snsd Dibentuk oleh SM Entertaiment , Mereka terdiri dari 9 Anggota , yakni : Taeyeon , Yoona , Tiffany , Yuri , Hyoyeon , Sooyoung , Seohyun , Jessica dan Sunny , Single Perdananya "다시 만난 세계" Into The New World ,  dirilis 2 Agustus 2007 
lanjut yu ke Biodata dan nama Fansnya :

 1 . Taeyeon SNSD - ♣Taegangster
Nama Lengkap : Kim Tae Yeon
Arti Nama : Kebesaran ( yang mulia ) yang cantik 
Nama Panggilan di SNSD : Little Child that is like pack sol - Ge snack 
Nama Panggilan Lain : TaeTae , Taeng , Leader Taeyeon , Leader Taeng , Kid Leader , Auntie , Afroo Tange , Little Person , a person with short body , Pack Sol - Ge snack 
Tanggal Lahir : 9 Maret 1989
Gol Darah : O
Tinggi Badan : 162 cm
Berat badan : 44 kg
Posisi : ketua , ketua vokal ke 1
No favorite : 22 , 3 , 6 , 9
Hobi : Renang
Special : Menyanyi Trot , Bahasa Cina
Durasi Latihan : 5 tahun 3 bulan
Lagu favorite dari SNSD : Merry Go - Round 

  2. Yoona SNSD - ♣YoonAddict
Nama Lengkap : Im Yoon Ah 
Arti nama : Anak kecil yang tak berdosa
Nama Panggilan di SNSD : Charming Girl
Nama Panggilan Lain : Little Deer , Retarol , Flower Deer , Powerful Yoona , Bravery Yoona , YoonABC 

Tanggal Lahir : 30 Mei 1990
Gol Darah : B
Tinggi Badan : 166 cm
Berat badan : 47 kg
Posisi : Ketua dance yang ke-3 , membantu vokal
no favorite : 93 

Spesial : Akting
Durasi Latihan : 7 tahun 2 bulan
Lagu Favorite dari SNSD : Complete 

 3 . Tiffany SNSD - ♣Fanytastic 
 Nama Lengkap : Hwang Mi Young , Tiffany Hwang 
Arti Nama : Daun Bunga Yang Cantik 
Nama Panggilan di SNSD : Brighter than Gem 
Nama Panggilan Lain : Fany , Brigther than Mushroom Tiffany , Fany of Belly , Bacteria Fany , Fany the Practicer , Rural Fany , Spongebob Hwang , Fany Fany Tiffany , Human JukeBox , Mushroom.
Tanggal Lahir : 1 Agustus 1989 
Tinggi Badan : 162 cm
Berat badan : 50 kg

Posisi : Ketua Vokal ke-4
Hobi : Main Seruling
Spesial : Bahasa Inggris , Main Flute (seruling)
Durasi Latihan : 3 Tahun 7 Bulan
Lagu Favorite dari SNSD : Baby Baby 

4 . Yuri SNSD - ♣YuriSisTable
 Nama Lengkap : Kwon Yuri 
Arti Nama : Putih Melati yang Ramah ( baik hati )
Nama Panggilan di SNSD : Black Pearl
Nama Panggilan Lain : Yul , Kwongul , Ggab - Yul , Black Yul , Yuree  

Tanggal Lahir : 5 Desember 1989 
Gol Darah : AB
Tinggi Badan : 167 cm
Berat Badan : 45 kg
Posisi : Ketua dancer yang ke-2 , membantu vokal
No favorite : 19
Hobi : Dancing , Ballet , Main Piano , Violin , Renang
Spesial : Bahasa Cina , Renang
Durasi Latihan : 5 Tahun 11 Bulan
Lagu Favorite dari SNSD : Baby Baby 

5. Hyoyeon SNSD -   ♣Hyounnies
 Nama Lengkap : Kim Hyoyeon 
Arti Nama : Selalu Tumbuh Dengan Indah
Nama Panggilan di SNSD : Bright Snow White
Nama Panggilan Lain : Dancing Queen , Prince Viona , Hyo Fit and firm , Apple Princess , Hyo 

Tanggal Lahir : 22 September 1989 
Gol Darah : AB
Tinggi Badan : 160 cm
Berat Badan : 48 kg
Posisi : Ketua dance yang ke-1 , membantu vokal

No Favorite : 85
Hobi : Menari/Nge-Dance
Special : Bahasa Cina , Dance
Durasi latihan : 6 Tahun 1 Bulan   

6. Sooyoung SNSD - ♣SooyoungSter
 Nama Lengkap : Choi Sooyoung
Arti Nama : Daun Bunga Yang Kemewahan
Nama Panggilan di SNSD : Fun Loving Princess
Nama Panggilan Lain : A person with Long Body , Long legs , Model , Food Good , interuptor , Syoung 

Tanggal Lahir : 10 february 1990
Gol Darah : O
Tinggi Badan : 170 cm
Berat badan : 48 kg
Posisi : Membantu Vokal
No Favorite : 08
Hobi : Makan
Special : Bahasa jepang , Dance
Durasi Latihan : 6 Tahun 3 Bulan
Lagu favorite dari SNSD : Complete 

7. Seohyun SNSD - ♣SeoMates 
 Nama Lengkap : Seo Joo Hyun
Arti Nama : Mutiara Penting / Mutiara yang berguna
Nama Panggilan di SNSD : The Youngest Princess
Nama Panggilan Lain : Seororo , Innocent Seohyun , kerohyun , Youngest Child , Milk Seo Joo

Tanggal Lahir : 28 Juni 1991
Gol Darah : A
Tinggi Badan : 168 cm
Berat Badan : 48 kg
Posisi : Ketua Vokal ke-3
no favorite : 64
Hobi : Main Piano , Nonton Keroro
Spesial : Bahasa Cina , Main Piano
Durasi Latihan : 6 Tahun 6 Bulan
Lagu Favorite dari SNSD : Kissing You 

8. Jessica SNSD : ♣GorJessPazzer
 Nama Lengkap : Jung Soo Yeon , Jung Sica
Arti Nama : Cantik dan Kemewahan / Barang Mewah

Nama Panggilan di SNSD : Ice princess
Nama Panggilan Lain : Sic , Sica , Sicachu , Liquid Sica , Sica Effect , Sica of Sweet , Baby sic , Puppet Sic , Sexica , Glowing Sic , Sleepy Sica 

 Tanggal Lahir : 18 April 1989
Gol Darah : B
Tinggi Badan : 163 cm
Berat Badan : 45 kg
no favorite : 52
Hobi : Sepakbola , Tinju
Spesial : Dance , Bahasa Inggris
Durasi Latihan : 7 Tahun 6 bulan
Lagu Favorite dari SNSD : Complete 

9. Sunny SNSD : ♣SunShiNers 
 Nama Lengkap : lee Sun Kyu
Arti Nama : permata yang dilahirkan dengan Indah
Nama Panggilan di SNSD : Energy Pill
Nama Panggilan Lain : Lee Sunny , Lee Sun , Dolphin , Dolphin Sunny , Cute Sunny , Sun Kyu 

Tanggal Lahir : 15 mei 1989
Gol Darah : B

Tinggi Badan : 158 cm
Berat Badan :  43 kg
Posisi : Membantu Vokal

No favorite : 26
Hobi :  Renang , Main Video Game , Olahraga 

Spesial : Atletik
Durasi Latihan : 9 Bulan
Lagu Favorite dari SNSD : Ooh-La-La !

source : kpopersplanet.blogspot.com

Sabtu, 24 November 2012

[ NEWS] Lee Jong Hyun Operasi Plastik?

Lee Jong Hyun Operasi Plastik?

source : republika.co.id

SEOUL  --  Kabar operasi plastik salah satu personil CN Blue, Lee Jong Hyun, secara tak sengaja dihembuskan Lee Hongki dari FT Island. Saat itu ia sedang tampil dalam acara musik MBC 'All the K-pop'.

MC acara tersebut, Park Jae Min, menerima hasil dari kuesioner yang diberikan kepada ahli bedah plastik dan melalui ituterungkap bahwa setiap anggota FT Island tak pernah melakukan operasi plastik.

Pemimpin FT Island Jong-hoon berkomentar, "Tidak hanya kami, tapi CN Blue dan semua orang di lembaga kami tidak pernah menerima operasi plastik," katanya seperti dilansir Soompi.
Pernyataan Jonghoon segera dijawab Hongki yang sepertinya tak sengaja mengungkapkan anggota CN Blue yang operasi plastik. "Bukankah ada salah satu dari CN Blue? Ah, lupakan saja," celetuknya.

MC buru-buru bertanya siapa anggota CN Blue yang melakukan operasi plastik. "Lee Jong Hyun pernah melakukan operasi plastik di telinganya, karena telinganya punya bentuk yang menggelikan," canda Hongki

[News] Lee Jonghyun Enggak Butuh Operasi Plastik

Gitaris CN Blue ini termasuk ganteng. Tapi, dia sendiri mengakui, sosoknya memang kurang ngetop. “Sebab bukan itu yang aku cari,” katanya. lalu apa? Dan, kenapa juga dia enggak ingin pindah ke boyband?
Karier Jonghyun di dunia musik berawal dari sebuah foto yang di-upload ke internet oleh temannya. Dalam waktu singkat dia dikenal sebagai Ulzzang (cowok keren, ganteng) yang punya banyak fans. Melihat foto itu, dan mengetahui Jonghyun bisa nyanyi dan main gitar, pencari bakat dari FNC musik lalu memanggil Jonghyun untuk ikutan audisi. Jonghyun gembira mendapat tawaran tersebut. Dia pun pergi meninggalkan kampung halamannya, Busan, dan bertemu untuk pertama kali dengan Jung Yonghwa di Stasiun Kereta Api Seoul.  Saat itu, mereka enggak menduga kalau di kemudian hari keduanya benar-benar bersatu dalam band bernama CN Blue.

Asli Cakep

Para netizen pemerhati bintang Korea enggak ada yang meragukan kegantengan Jonghyun. Mereka malah sampai membahas dan membandingkan foto-foto Jonghyun semasa remaja dengan setelah debut bersama CN Blue. Kesimpulannya, cowok ini memang asli cakep, dan enggak ada sedikit pun sentuhan operasi plastik seperti yang banyak dilakukan bintang Korea lainnya. Sebagian malah memberi saran, ‘Kenapa Jonghyun enggak jadi model atau gabung sama boyband aja?’.
Kalau semata-mata nguber popularitas, mungkin Jonghyun akan menuruti saran-saran tersebut. Boyband memang lebih dikenal di Korea, dibandingkan band yang semua personilnya memainkan alat musik. Tapi Jonghyun sudah terlanjur jatuh cinta pada gitar. Dan satu lagi alasannya, “Aku enggak bisa menari atau nge-dance! Soriiii!”  Dan, ternyata bukan cuma dia. Semua member CN Blue ternyata enggak bisa menari. Mereka terlihat kelabakan pada saat disuruh nge-dance oleh Seohyun SNSD di acara We Got Married episode 7. Hahaha!

Kurang ngetopnya Jonghyun pernah jadi bahan ledekan pada acara Golden Fishery yang ditayangkan stasiun televisi MBC beberapa waktu lalu. Ketika memperkenalkan Lee Jonghyun, MC sampai bilang, “Kalau orang-orang menyebut nama ‘Jonghyun’, biasanya yang mereka maksud adalah Jonghyun dari boyband SHINee.  Dan, di dalam band rock, biasanya gitaris adalah orang yang populer setelah vokalis. Saya merasa kepopuleranmu malah masih di bawah bassist CN Blue Jungshin. Bagaimana ini?” Mendapat  ‘serangan telak’ itu Jonghyun hanya tersenyum kalem dan menjawab, “Ya, aku mengakui itu. Tapi itu bukan masalah besar, karena konsentrasi utamaku memang bermain musik.” Di acara tersebut, Jung Yonghwa mencoba ‘menolong’ temannya ini dengan mengatakan, “Jangan salah, dia belakangan ini makin terkenal, kok. Lebih ngetop dibanding aku.” Memang ucapan itu bukan basa-basi, karena dalam sebuah polling Jonghyun berhasil menggeser posisi Yonghwa sebagai Man of The Month. Selain punya nama mirip dengan Jonghyun SHINee, member CN Blue ini juga punya nama yang nyaris sama dengan artis penyanyi Korea, Lee Jung Hyun.

Pada 11 Oktober lalu,  Kyuhyun Super Junior meng-upload dua foto pada akun Twitter-nya dan menulis: “Suatu hari aku melihat foto yang dikirim Changmin TVXQ padaku. Aku dibilang mirip dengan Lee Jonghyun dari CN Blue. Ya, ampun! Masak iya, sih?” Foto Changmin TVXQ dan Jonghyun CN Blue memang di-upload ke dalam program di situs MyHeritage.com. Berdasarkan hasil analisa  program tersebut, keduanya dinyatakan mirip 100% dengan Kyuhyun!  Changmin dan Kyuhyun sendiri mengaku ngefans sama Jonghyun. Ketika CN Blue konser, keduanya pernah mengirimkan karangan bunga bertuliskan: “Lee Jonghyun, kami berdua pingin banget jadi gitarmu!”

Cowok Mellow

Selain jadi gitaris dan vokalis CN Blue, Jonghyun juga termasuk pemasok utama lagu-lagu buat kelompoknya. Berbeda dengan Jung Yonghwa yang lebih banyak membawakan lagu nge-beat, jatah Jonghyun di CN Blue sebaliknya: dia lebih banyak menyanyikan lagu-lagu mellow. “Aku dibesarkan di kota di pinggiran laut. Aku mencintai laut. Bahkan sampai sekarang selalu terasa bau laut dan angin ke dalam kamarku,” tulis Jonghyun di akun jejaring sosialnya. Membaca kalimatnya yang puitis ini, memang enggak salah kalau dia pintar menulis lirik. Dua buah lagu baru yang dibawakan CN Blue di Jepang 23 Oktober lalu adalah bikinan Jonghyun, yaitu Man in Front of The Mirror dan Rain of Blessing. Lagu ini termasuk dalam album indie paling anyar CN Blue berjudul 392. “Aku pernah tinggal di Jepang. Setiap pulang dari sini aku selalu membawa pengalaman yang mengesankan,” ungkap Lee Jonghyun mengenai konsernya di negeri Sakura. Dia pun merasa bangga karena sebelumnya CN Blue juga dipercaya jadi band pembuka konser band metal dunia, Linkin Park di negeri yang sama.

Pernah mencium cewek di tangga sekolah semasa SMP, cuma itu yang tersisa dalam ingatan Jonghyun saat ini. “Kulit di bawah bola mataku akan selalu kelihatan sembab, karena aku hanya tidur 3-4 jam sehari. Kapan buat mikirin cinta? Tapi, meskipun aku belum ingin jatuh cinta lagi, tipe cewek idealku enggak berubah. Dia harus sederhana, tetapi menarik. Meskipun cuma mengenakan kaos putih,”.
source : k-popnewszulfatus.blogspot.com

Jumat, 23 November 2012

[Interviews] Eunhyuk’s mother holds first interview since his scandal with IU

The mother of Super Junior‘s Eunhyuk, who was recently involved in a scandal with IU, has opened up her feelings for the very first time through an interview with ‘Styler Housewife‘ magazine.
The magazine sat down with Eunhyuk’s mother to talk about her thoughts on Eunhyuk and IU’s scandal, beginning with Eunhyuk’s latest appearance at his parents’ new bakery shortly after his scandal came to light. According to the magazine, the bakery is covered in Eunhyuk’s pictures as well as post-its left by fans of Super Junior.
Eunhyuk’s mother proudly stated, “Whenever the members’ parents open stores like this, the fans help out with the interior decorating. Yesung‘s parents also recently opened a cafe and the fans helped decorate the same way.”
There were also congratulatory flowers standing outside the bakery, one of which caught the attention of the interviewer as it was sent by Lee Seung Gi. His mother replied, “I heard that they’re actually close. They have gatherings for celebrities born in ’86.”
Finally, on the topic of Eunhyuk’s whereabouts since his scandal, she stated, “We don’t talk about those things with Eunhyuk. Eunhyuk has always done well on his own, so…”
Another staff member helping out at the bakery added, “Eunhyuk’s always been filial to his parents since he was younger. Not only Eunhyuk, but his entire household is filled with people nice to the bone.” 

The rest of the interview can be found in the December issue of the magazine.

[K-pop] Super Junior Leeteuk Handwrites Letter to Fans

2012-11-23 10:15  l   CJ E&M enewsWorld Grace Danbi Hong

Super Junior leader, Leeteuk, left his ELFs on October 30 to serve his country.

As it’s been almost a month since his enlistment, Leeteuk took some time to write a handwritten letter to the fans, letting them know how life is in the army.

On November 22, Leeteuk’s letter was posted on the Super Junior official homepage.

Leeteuk introduced himself not as Leeteuk, but as Park Jung Soo, number 85 soldier-in-training.

“I’m doing very well with my colleagues who are 10, 11 years younger than me!” said Leeteuk. “Before I came here, I had a lot of worries and fear, but now that I’m here, it’s nothing compared to what I used to do before. ^^”

He thanks his fans for the many handwritten and electronic messages from fans and shared that he was overcome with emotion reading each and every letter.

“From the seventh anniversary to the Sooneung, I should have been there to take care of all that…I’m sorry. Because I’m here, you know that I miss work and want to meet you all, right? I also miss seeing you closely through the world tour with the other members, and seeing the blue light sticks and hearing the cheering.”

He ended the letter saying, “Everyone, always be happy and take care of our health! There’s a saying that goes, ‘You don’t smile because you’re happy, but you’re happy because you’re smiling. Everyone, have a good time!! ELF!! I love you… From Leader, Teuk.”

Photo Credit: SM Entertainment, Kim Byung Kwan

[K-pop] Lee Seung Gi Makes a Clean All-Kill With ‘Forest’ Mini Album

2012-11-23 10:23  l   CJ E&M enewsWorld Stewart Ho

Lee Seung Gi has proven he has indeed returned in full.

After releasing his comeback single Return on November 22, the song immediately shot to the top of various online music charts including Melon, Olleh Music, Bugs Music, Mnet and others to give the hallyu star a clean all-kill.

The song and album was jointly produced with Epitone Project and the music has been described as healing music that Lee Seung Gi has long wanted to sing.

With its poignant lyrics and soothing melody, Return has been favorable reviewed by critics and fans, many who have said the song is a perfect fit for the colder weather.

Lee Seung Gi will next hold two days of concert on December 1 and 2.

Photo Credit: Hook Entertainment