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[Trans] CNBLUE ★ Mobile「QnA」11.19.2012

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Question : When I came back in Korea, I need to do this!」Do you have this kind of thing in mind?

JungShin: Going to Jeju island.
JongHyun: Study Korean language!
YongHwa: Eat delicious food.
MinHyuk: Eat delicious food.

Question: In a one-year event what’s the 1st you look forward to (・・)?

JungShin: Since then its Christmas. Now its LIVE!
JongHyun: LIVE
YongHwa: LIVE
MinHyuk: LIVE

Question:When you had your major debut have you ever felt any changes in yourselves?

JungShin: I feel like I want to make/compose(a song)
JongHyun: Not forgetting the basic and make an effort not to change.
YongHwa: The feeling is always the same.
MinHyuk: I think my way of thinking change a bit.

Question: Time you do that you like the most, what is it?

JungShin: LIVE!
JongHyun: When we’re having LIVE (performance)
YongHwa: On top of the stage
MinHyuk: Regardless how busy it is, the most important is to enjoy that moment.

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