Jumat, 16 November 2012

[Internet] After School’s UEE cheers on Son Dam Bi’s “Dripping Tears” comeback

After School‘s UEE supported Son Dam Bi‘s comeback with “Dripping Tears“.
Son Dam Bi returned with her 4th mini-album of the same name after two years out of the spotlight, and it seems her Pledis Entertainment labelmate wanted to cheer her on.
UEE posted the above photos on the 15th with the message: “My Dam Bi unni. I’m totally nervous to be able to introduce unni on the ‘Music Bank‘ stage.” UEE is currently hosting ‘Music Bank’ alongside actor Lee Jang Woo. Son Dam Bi also tweeted, “UEE, thank you~~~<3.”
Fans commented, “You’re the definition of an amazing body, but today, you’re the definition of aegyo”, “UEE’s ‘tear dance’ is so cute”, and “I’m looking forward to today’s ‘Dripping Tears’ performance”.

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