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[Issue] Boyfriend Delays Release of New Album After Having to Discard 30,000 Copies

Nov 9, 2012 10:18:00 AM 2,725
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Boyfriend has hit a snag with its comeback.

On November 9, Starship Entertainment revealed Boyfriend’s first full-length album, Janus, which had been scheduled for release for the same day, would be delayed after an issue with the album′s packaging was discovered.

The issue was big enough that the agency was forced to discard 30,000 copies of the new record and the agency apologized to fans while adding it had no choice, in order to ensure a top quality album for fans.

Though the album itself has been delayed to a November 13 release, Boyfriend will hold its comeback stages on the various music show programs this weekend as scheduled.

Photo Credit: Starship Entertainment

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