Selasa, 27 November 2012

[General] SM☆SH’s Hyunjoon revealed to have continued with promotions despite suffering injury from car accident

Fans have unfortunately discovered that SM☆SH‘s leader Hyunjoon has been soldiering through album promotions while hiding an injury.
According to his agency, Hyunjoon suffered a car accident while walking home from rehearsal last month due to a car that did not abide by traffic rules. Although he made it home that night without any injuries, a hospital visit the next day showed that surgery was necessary as he had torn a ligament.
Hyunjoon, however, did not want to delay their music video filming and album promotions and decided to take painkillers in place of treatment, and has been doing so up until now.
At a fan signing on the 25th, he had said, “I’m sorry for worrying so many of our fans. I’ve been getting physical therapy at the hospital every chance I get when we don’t have schedules so please don’t worry about me.”
A representative of his agency added, “The hospital had said that he needed two months to recover so we were thinking of delaying their comeback to next year, but Hyunjoon was adamant about continuing on as it was their first album in four years.”
The group is currently promoting their second mini-album, “I Will Protect You“, and is scheduled for a nationwide Japanese tour next month.

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