Sabtu, 05 Januari 2013

[Scandals / Issues TV / Movies] ‘We Got Married’ viewers lash out against decision to keep Oh Yeon Seo on the show

We Got Married‘ fans expressed their frustration on the decision to keep the Oh Yeon Seo-Lee Joon couple on the show.
Previously, many had asked for Oh Yeon Seo to be removed from the show, stating, “Now you know everything is fake” and “Part of the appeal of this show is believing that they really have feelings for one another“.
However, as you know, the ‘We Got Married’ staff recently announced that the couple will be staying on the show because they had confirmed with Oh Yeon Seo, who had stated that she was not dating Lee Jang Woo.
The announcement has not been received well for the most part as viewers are lashing out on the official ‘We Got Married’ viewer board (can be seen here), commenting along the lines of, “MBC got rid of a sitcom, and now they’re making ‘We Got Married’ into one“, “Are you trying to mock the viewers?“, “Oh Yeon Seo why do you keep changing your words”, “Are you kidding me”, ‘Backstabbing Oh Yeon Seo, leave the show”, and “I don’t want to watch this show anymore“.
It’s not all negativity, for amongst the majority there are some who agree with the decision, writing, “Give them a chance”, “Let’s stop this, they said they are not dating”, and “Oh Yeon Seo & Lee Joon fighting!”
The board is flooding with comments protesting the decision, and many netizens are also voicing their frustration on the comments section of the Korean articles regarding this issue.

Source: We Got Married Viewer Board, Image: Newsen

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