Sabtu, 19 Januari 2013

[General] EXO-K revealed to have been doing charity work during their free time

It has been revealed that EXO-K, who recently snatched up the rookie award at the ‘Golden Disk Awards‘, have been putting their time to worthy causes, doing charity work at a child welfare agency.
A child welfare agency representative revealed on the 17th, “Since last year, the EXO-K members have been voluntarily visiting and helping clean up, as well as playing with the children. We were surprised because they contacted us first, asking if they could come visit. They are enjoying it and doing well. They are brighter and healthier than a lot of people their age. Even though children recognize them and bother them, the members play well with them.”
SM Entertainment shared their thoughts, “Even before their debut, they conducted charity work. We are aware that they frequently visit children’s centers, nursing homes, and other various centers. After receiving love from fans, it gets easy to get used to only receiving things. In the spirit of ‘let’s become giving people’, we are recommending trainees to do charity work. In the case of EXO-K, when they were asked ‘how do you feel about continuing charity work even after your debut’, all of the members continued to do it. Every time they have free time between their schedules, they go volunteer.”

Source + image: NoCutNews via Daum

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