Kamis, 03 Januari 2013

[Music] Girls’ Generation’s ‘I Got A Boy’ achieves an all-kill + places on iTunes Chart

Girls’ Generation‘s newly released title track, “I Got a Boy“, off of their highly anticipated 4th album, ‘I Got A Boy‘, achieved an all-kill on several music charts within hours of its release.
Not only so, but the other tracks from the ‘I Got A Boy’ album have taken over the Top 10 on the real time charts as well.
Immediately upon its release, “I Got A Boy” rose to the #1 spot on Naver Music, Melon, Monkey3, Bugs, Soribada, Olleh Music, and Mnet real-time charts.
The album also is quite popular in the United States as it has entered the Top 20 on the iTunes Bestselling album chart.
I Got a Boy - Girls' Generation

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