Kamis, 03 Januari 2013

[General Music] Girls’ Generation confesses that cancellation of “Dancing Queen” was heartbreaking

Prior to the release of “I Got a Boy”, Girls’ Generation unveiled the music video for “Dancing Queen,” an upbeat, retro-inspired recreation of soul artist Duffy’s hit song “Mercy”.
The unexpected song was revealed to be the girls’ title track off their first mini-album back in 2008. However, the song and video was later scrapped, being subsequently replaced with the group’s iconic breakout single “Gee”.
While the song finally saw a proper release four years later, the group recalled the time of feeling heartbroken when first hearing of the cancellation of the single.
When we first heard that the song and video would be cancelled, we had a difficult time and shed many tears,” said Girls’ Generation. “It was a difficult time, but later with the  success of ‘Gee’, it made it all worth the hardships.
Meanwhile, the girls will be busy promoting their latest single “I Got a Boy,” an urban dance number with hip-hop inspired aesthetics. With the group’s TV comeback show wrapped up, the girls will begin their round of promotions starting with tomorrow’s episode of ‘M! Countdown‘.

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