Rabu, 10 Oktober 2012

[ TV / Movies ] SISTAR, SECRET, and Girls’ Generation members’ shoe sizes revealed

Shoemaker Park Dae Sup was interviewed by KBS‘s ‘Good Morning Korea‘.
The shoemaker had been making shoes for 40 years, and has made custom shoes for some of the top girl groups of Korea including Girls’ Generation, KARA, and Wonder Girls. Skimming through his papers, he revealed some of the notes he had on the shoe sizes for the members of SISTAR, SECRET, and Girls’ Generation.
The SISTAR list showed Hyorin‘s shoe size to be 230mm (US size 6), Bora‘s size to be 235mm (US size 6.5) and Dasom and Soyu‘s to be 245mm (US size 7.5). The SECRET list showed Ji Eun‘s shoe size to be 230mm, Sunhwa‘s and Zinger‘s shoe size to be 235mm, and Hyosung‘s size to be 240mm (US size 7). The Girls’ Generation list also listed the members’ shoe size and listed Sunny, Jessica, and Hyoyeon with a size of 225mm ~ 230mm (US size 5.5 ~ 6), Tiffany with a size of 235mm, Yoona, Taeyeon, Seohyun, and Yuri with 240mm, and Sooyoung with a size of 245mm.

source : allkpop

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