Kamis, 09 Februari 2012

miss A unveils a teaser shot from their music video set! from : allkpop.com

Talented girl group miss A have just released a still-cut from their music video set!

It’s been revealed that miss A, who are expected to make a comeback later this month, wrapped up their music video shoot on February 3rd and 4th at a studio in the Namyang area. miss A fans were invited to the set through a special fanclub event that allowed them to hang out with the members and get a sneak peek at what’s to come.

The still cut that was revealed on February 9th captured miss A’s signature performance style — a unique mix of sexy and confidence combined with strong moves. In the photo, the members are seen wearing white lace costumes, a direct contrast to the black leather outfits from their last promotions.

AQ Entertainment stated, “We are preparing for a great comeback with the best music and performances to meet the expectations of our fans. In fact, miss A’s new music video was shot in the presence of their fans, so the members completed the shoot on an energetic and happy note. We ask for your anticipation.

Be sure to check back with allkpop for more updates on miss A’s upcoming comeback!

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