Selasa, 02 April 2013

[Scandals / Issues] SM Entertainment responds to plagiarism accusations for SHINee’s “Dream Girl”

Some international fans had discovered the similarities between SHINee‘s “Dream Girl” and Luis Miguel‘s “Vuelve“ almost immediately Dream Girl’s release and now the issue is being spotlighted in Korea.
A video of the two tracks that compared the two songs was uploaded onto YouTube, and the many viewers who listened to it couldn’t help but notice the similarities. Some suggested that SM Entertainment might have sampled the song after buying publication rights.
However, SM Entertainment refuted all rumors that the song was either plagiarized or sampled, saying, “‘Dream Girl’ is the product of producer Shin Hyuk, who is famous for being the producer of the famous pop star Justin Bieber, and his composing team, ‘Joombas Music Factory’.” In a phone call with Chosun, they said, “We didn’t buy distribution rights, and we didn’t sample the song. This is purely SM Entertainment’s creation. The plagiarism accusations are just opinions of some people.
In another phone call with Osen, a representative from SM said, “We know that [the plagiarism accusations] have stemmed from some netizens. We don’t think they know what plagiarism is. You can say they’re similar, but it’s not right to say they are the same.” A composer stated to Osen, “For a song to be considered plagiarized in legal terms, four bars must be completely the same. If you compare the two songs, you can’t say that.

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