Jumat, 07 Juni 2013

[TV] After School′s Lizzy Cast in Japanese Horror Drama ′Evil Spirit Ward′

Source : CJ E&M enewsWorld : Lee, JinHo

After School′s Lizzy has been cast for a role in a horror drama in Japan.

The singer′s agency Pledis revealed on June 6 that "Lizzy will be appearing as a cameo in the MBS/TBS nighttime drama Evil Spirit Ward, which will start airing in July."

Lizzy will appear as Tae Hee, a Korean student who has been admitted to the hospital where the drama is set in.

Lizzy said about her role, "I was nervous because I scare easily, but I was able to pull through thanks to the director and staff. The scene I appear in is important in setting the horror mood, so make sure you don′t miss it."

Her role isn′t her first in a drama. She′s appeared in the sitcom All My Love and the drama Rascal Sons.

In the meantime, After School will be making a comeback on June 13.

Photo credit: Pledis

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