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M COUNT DOWN : Halo-Indonesia

Show: 03 July 2013
Venue: Mata Elang International Stadium (MEIS) – ANCOL

Mnet’s Global Music Extravaganza in Indonesia!!,
to be held on July 3rd!!
The second global tour of in 2013,
Strengthening friendship between South Korea and Indonesia!
On July 3rd, Wednesday at MEIS, Jakarta!!

CJ E&M announced that its global music festival will hit Indonesia this July. Hosted and broadcasted by Korea’s No.1 music channel Mnet, originally refers to a weekly music chart show, and convenes big scale global tours at the end each quarter every year.
The second massive global tour of 2013, is to be held at ‘MEIS (Mata Elang International Stadium)’ in Jakarta, Indonesia on July 3rd, Wednesday. In particular, the year 2013 marks the 40th anniversary of diplomatic relations between the South Korea and Indonesia, which makes the show more meaningful. The global edition of taking place in Jakarta is expected to enhance cultural exchanges between the two countries.
Since 2012, has hosted world music tours in neighboring countries, such as Japan, Thailand, and Taiwan but this is the first time to make their appearance in Indonesia. Mnet decided to hold the second global tour of the year in Indonesia in return for a great amount of support from Indonesian fans watching channel M, a lifestyle channel dedicated to K-Culture run by CJ E&M throughout 10 countries in Asia.
K-POP is highly favored by young generation in Indonesia that even a local TV program exclusively covers K-POP news. MEIS(Mata Elang International Stadium), the location for , is a familiar concert space already to fans, thanks to high-profile K-POP artists such as SUPER JUNIOR and BIG BANG. They held concerts in the same venue, engaging numerous local fans in the past. Considering the fact that K-POP has had great influence on Indonesian Pop culture, local fans are very excited to hear the official announcement of .
At , weekly charts accumulated over the second quarter in 2013 selected by will be combined. High-profile artists who have led K-POP fever worldwide during a period between April and June, 2013, will come together and show an amazing music festival for fans in Indonesia. Various special performances including collaboration stages of Indonesian and Korean artists are underway to celebrate the Korea-Indonesia Friendship.
Mnet officials note, “We are currently working hard to develop outstanding performances that encompass Asian music including not only K-POP but also the Indonesian music and more by using all means accumulated through numerous music festivals. Please expect to see exhilarating acts.”
Mnet hosts music festivals worldwide quarterly to meet K-POP fans all over the world. This year, the upcoming show in Jakarta follows one in Taipei, held in April, 2013. Beyond a mere concert, has served as a music festival that brings artists and local fans together through music. To continue the K-POP wave around the world, at the end of the year, will be held to present Asia’s largest music awards show.

Ticket Pricing

Mata Elang International Stadium, Ancol – Jakarta
Ticket Category Section/Area Type Price
Yellow/VIP Tribune Seat Number Rp. 2,250,000
Green/Priority GA Standing Rp. 2,000,000
Purple L/Regular Left
Purple R/Regular Right
GA Standing Rp. 1,500,000
Blue A/North Tribune
Blue B/South Tribune
Blue C/Main Tribune
Seat Number Rp. 1,000,000
Red A/North Tribune
Red B/South Tribune
Seat Number Rp. 550,000

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