Jumat, 07 Juni 2013

[Issue] Kim Soo Hyun Makes His Fans Cry Tears of Joy at His Fanmeeting

Source : CJ E&M enewsWorld : An So Hyoun

Kim Soo Hyun held a fanmeeting with his fans to celebrate the premiere of his film Be Covert, Be Great.

The event was held at a multiplex theater in Seoul on June 6. It preceded the launch of his official Japanese fanclub, which was to take place with a fanmeeting on June 30, and brought together Korean fans in a close and friendly gathering.

Tickets to the event were sold out just 20 minutes after purchase methods were announced through the actor′s official webpage.

As if to repay his fans for their passion and interest, Kim Soo Hyun led the event with a happy mood.

He took pictures with and gave presents to nine fans who were chosen through a lottery. To another fan who won a rock-paper-scissors game, he gave out a piece of clothing he wore during a shoot for the film.

Later on he read out a letter he had written himself, drawing tears from his fans.

"I′m very happy to be standing here as an actor," he said. "I′m also happy to be with all of you and your love. I′ll work hard to become a good actor."

Be Covert, Be Great has been rewriting Korean movie history by shooting through the million mark in just 36 hours.

Photo credit: Key East

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