Minggu, 05 Mei 2013

[TV / Movies] Why did L end up with the worst seat in the INFINITE van?

L confessed that he’s not the greatest when it comes to rock-paper-scissors.
He was a guest on the April 9th episode of KBS 2TV‘s ‘1 vs 100‘ and he revealed that INFINITE determined everything using rock-paper-scissors. Unfortunately, his lack of talents at the game caused him to lose rooms in dorms and seating positions in the INFINITE van.
He started the topic by saying, “Our youngest member Sungjong uses a room all by himself. He won at the game, so he got the best room.
He added, “We determine everything from our room allocations to the order in waking up with rock paper scissors. We have one van for all of us, and I got stuck with the worst seat out of the 7. It’s so hard. I have to sit in that same seat until we get a new vehicle.
As if to prove his bad luck, he played two rounds of rock paper scissors with the MC, both of which he lost. Better luck next time, L!

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