Minggu, 05 Mei 2013

[TV / Movies] HyunA meets ‘baby HyunA’ on ‘Star King’

4minute‘s HyunA met her mini-me on ‘Star King‘ and performed with the 4-year-old contestant known as ‘baby HyunA’.
On the May 4th episode, ‘baby HyunA’ whose real name is Ha Eun showed off her dance moves to HyunA’s “Bubble Pop“, “Change“, “Hot Issue“, and “Ice Cream“, surprising viewers with her mature dancing.
Viewers commented, “‘Baby HyunA’ is so cute”, “‘Baby HyunA’ perfectly danced to HyunA and 4minute’s songs”, and “HyunA looks like she also fell in love with ‘baby HyunA’.”
Check out ‘baby HyunA’s covers and performance with HyunA and Gayoon!

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